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For animal-eared characters!
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Adoptable Policy


otherwise, leave me and my characters alone.

and NO. I won't add you to a "waitlist" or "notification" list for "if" i decide to trade
so and so character. i do not mind putting people in waiting/notification line for commissions,
should they be closed, but i will not do it for any of my characters at any time
i'm not comfortable with it.

i do not wish to have to attach any "if decide to trade" to my mind or any list, for any
characters of mine, adopted of self-made, ever. please respect that and don't ask.


All artwork in my custom boxes are art of my character for me, so no using these artworks by anyone other than me or the artists who made these beautiful works! ♥

♦ No refunds
♦ No reselling unless you contact me first (I'd like to know before it goes out for resale)
♦ Character may be altered, used as you like, and however you like (commercial and non-commercial alike)
♦ You may not use my artwork for profit

I'll add and change as I like, but these will always be my most updated adoptable policy. Any questions, note me.

I will add a commission policy here as well in the future

custom bgs on boxes are personally color edited by me, original is by Gasara

art by Naoryu

Old dA accounts

my old main dA accounts:


(am glad I can just change username now xD)

art by Aluikaiser

Pixel Art & Icons For me


These are for my use only - they're NOT free to use!

by taeeee Pekobell bunioh soaru bunbuniie, WONNYSOUP, xineli, ladbe, melodeiia, xX-KK-Xx, Lumichi and Aluikaiser

okay, so think art block is finally getting a bit weaker.
was able to make an adoptable base today o v o

this is the first base i've made myself in a long time now,
but i'm happy with how it turned out ^ ^

Wip by nilmea

if you click in on image/go to submission - that is only 33% of original size! c:
wanted to create a base that's a bit bigger than normal. original is approx. 2000px tall ^ ^

because original images will be much larger than submitted image previews, price will
be a bit higher since it takes me longer, but not much more. maybe $15 each o v o
since base is bigger, it will also leave me room to add more detail, esp. as i get more
practice/get better at details~ ♥  i'll probably use this base for a while, though i'll still also
use others base, i like mixing things up a little~ c: 

i hope to finish lines at least, for set of 6 with this base, and maybe start coloring at least.

like always, i'll keep every color layer, i'm a file maniac like that, so for most my adopts...
if you want me to change colors around, i will likely be able to do so, since it's not merged.

color edits are free of charge unless want to change more than 2 things/most of palette ^ ^
(wouldn't charge more than $2-3 max for changing entire thing though)

(if you ever want to change colors around on an old adopt of mine, good chances are i probably have
the file... somewhere! i don't mind looking around to see if i can't find it and change it for you o v o b ) 
i should still have most, if not all anyway ^ ^

/buys more or larger extra hard discs instead of merging older art files /hit

i'm going to keep easing myself into being active again, but if i can keep this progress with my
block up, i should be able to resume commissions soon~ ^ ^

i remember them every day, and i am extremely grateful for the patience and understanding
my commissioners have given me ;; i want to be happy/satisfied with the works i give you <3


miiiight hold some sort of event to give art to watchers soon o v o also might possibly be opening
a new type of commissions, once old ones are completed, granted i am able to maintain the style!
so will possibly be offering that for event, possibly something else~  o v o

skin by *firstfear

Art Status

Commissions: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
(when open, close friends only,
people I watch or if I ask)

Collabs: Closed

Requests: Closed / never open

art by Maruuki


adoptable points payments
.: random set (open) 1 LEFT - lowered price:. by nilmea
points payments for adoptables in gallery


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xFeii Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is so cute ;v;
Btw who made your icon?
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oh my gosh, your art is too adorable! ; O ; <3
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OrangeMouse Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ahhh your art is adorable <3
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theresahelmer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Professional Photographer
Thank you so much for adding me to your watch list, i am utterly flattered :heart: ~Theresa
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Mirrae Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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and your page is even cuter-- /// u ///

//ahhhhh such cute ocs--- <333
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